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Bob Wilson and "Crazy" Bob Cook Jr.

Bob Cook's Father and Son - Both professional fighters

Fighter Bob Wilson
Bob Cook's father, Bob Wilson was a professional boxer - a.k.a. "The White Tiger" 265 pro fights
Bob Wilson Boxing Trainer
Bob Wilson (far right) was also a
Boxing Teacher and Coach
Bob Wilson Fisherman
Bob Wison (2nd from left) fishing in Australia. He was sent there to fight the Australian champ

Crazy" Bob Cook

On the left is Bob Cook Jr. aka "Crazy" Bob Cook. He is a world-class MMA trainer and one of the partners at the
American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California.


On the right is Bob Cook Jr.
with Josh Koscheck
and Spencer Herns.
(Photo by Jeff Sherwood)

Crazy Bob with Josh Koscheck

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