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Chinese Internal and Martial Arts

Class Descriptions:

Qi Gong
Rebuilds health and internal strength through awareness and control of Chi.

Tai Chi
Known to be a system for optimal health and healing. Also a beautiful dance, meditation and a treasured martial arts system. These classes are usually Yang style and Wu Style Tai Chi.

Kung Fu
Kung Fu is the pinnacle of Chinese martial arts. In Bob's Kung Fu classes you will be able to learn many styles and forms including, but not limited to: Wing Chun, Preying Mantis, Hung Gar, White Crane, Choy Le Fut, Monkey and others. All are welcome, beginner to advanced.

A Taoist internal arts system for health and longevity. Bagua is also known to be a rare and mystic martial arts system which taps into the cosmos and forces of nature

Hsing Yi
A very high level martial art which has tremendous health benefits based on the five elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, in combination with 12 animal essences, Tiger, Horse, Snake, Rooster, Monkey, Eagle, Swallow, Phoenix, Dragon, Hawk, Crocodile and Crane.

Kwan Ping
This is a unique and rare, expansive form of Tai Chi that trains you in extended strength and flexibility.

Two Person Training
Wing Chun Chi Sau, Tai Chi push hands, Three Star, Di Yi Kern.

Wooden Dummy
Wing Chun wooden dummy training. Learn practical application skills for wing chun forms. Also good for bone density training.

Early Age of Bagua Symbol

Legend: Q=Qi Gong, T=Tai Chi, K=Kung Fu, B=Bagua, H=Hsing Yi, P=Kwan Ping, 2=Two Person Training, D=Wooden Dummy

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Class Q,T,H Q,T Best K,T,2,D,P Q,T,H
Time 6:00pm 7:00pm Day for 7:00pm 6:00pm
Location Paonia Delta Private Hotchkiss Paonia
All Classes: $12 Monthly, Children & Senior Discounts Available

Class Locations:

Paonia - Blue Sage Center For the Arts
228 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO
(970) 527-7243

Hotchkiss - Hotchkiss Memorial Hall
175 North 1st Street, Hotchkiss CO

Delta - Bill Heddles Recreation Center
530 Gunnison River Dr, Delta, CO

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