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Bob Cook and Chinese Kempo Karate

Salt Lake Karate Champions
Bob Cook with Dan Inosanto and Ed Parker - 1965 Salt Lake City Regional Karate Champions.

Bob Cook Kempo Horse Stance
This is a side horse stance

Bob Cook With Ed Parker Kempo
Ed Parker front snap kick at Bob Cook

inside kung fu magazine article part 1

Bob Cook with Staff

Bob Cook practicing with short staff


Bob Cook with Kempo Trophy
Bob Cook wins first place trophy at International Karate Championships in Long Beach, California

don't pull my Goatee
International Karate Champion

Inside Kung Fu magazine article part 2

The article above was written by Dan Inosanto about Bob Cook for Kung Fu Magazine





Soon after meeting Bruce Lee, Bob switched from Kempo to Tai Chi & Kung Fu.


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Larry Hartsell Jeet Kune Do
Larry Hartsell (Kempo and Jeet Kune Do) was a good friend and training partner with Bob Cook.

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