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Web Design and Marketing Expert
Robert "Peace" Wright, aka Mr. Web Guru is a Search Engine and Social Media marketing expert in Colorado.
Peace is one of Bob's students and also designed this Web site for Sifu Cook.

American Kickboxing Association
This is "Crazy" Bob Cook's site in San Jose. Home to many UFC champion fighters.
"Crazy" Bob is Sifu Cook's son and senior advanced student.

Ultimate Fighting Championship
Home of the UFC.

Lithos Massage in Cedaredge
Julia Dalbow's Massage business in Cedaredge, Colorado. Julia is also a student of Sifu Cook.

Telluride Acupunture
Josh Geetter's Acupuncture business in Telluride, Colorado. Josh is one of Bob's advanced students.

Kung Fu Magazine
This is home to the famous Kung Fu Magazine.

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